Monday, June 29, 2009

Kedge got his 1st AKC Point!!!

Kedge went with Katherine to his first AKC show this past weekend. :)
Check out the results for ALIAS JUST MY LUCK (aka Kedge)

I heard that they ended up having a pretty good day!!! :D He took Best of Breed Puppy by default(only Aussie puppy), but then he got Winner's Dog for his very FIRST AKC Point towards his CH!!! They also had a special BIS Puppy, which he took 3rd Place in the Herding Group!!

I'll share his win pix when I get them, until then here's Pix of my momma's boy with his new ribbons.



green- 3rd Place in Group(puppy)
purple- Winner's Dog (Kedge's 1st point!)
white- Best of Breed Puppy
blue- 1st place 6-9mo Breed

Katherine is doing such a great job showing Kedge and I'm so thankful that she doesn't mind doing it too. I'm starting to work with him on his CGC training and hopefully we'll have that by the end of the year too.

We do have some separation issues that we need to fix though... I was told that he HOWLED the whole night in his crate with them.... So we get to try and recreate that here to work on that, since he's fine in his crate for me.

I did also get buy one of his HONYASC win pics from back in April though that I haven't shared yet. He ended up getting 3 'Best Opposite Puppy's that weekend. :) I'm still on cloud 9....


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