Sunday, October 25, 2009

First obedience trial!

So, this Saturday(10/24/09) I decided to brave it out and enter Kedge and I in our first obedience trial at the ASCA* Harvest Moon Mania show in Westfield, MA.

It was raining or pouring most of the day and my nerves were shot. I am extremely shy, and the thought of getting up in front of people made me either want to throw up or pass out. Luckily, I did neither! ;)

Kedge did ok with the leash work and figure 8's. He forgot to sit a couple times and lagged a bit on the figure 8. We're going to throw some target work in here to see if it will bring him up a bit.

I was worried about how he was going to do for the "stand for exam" since he LOVES people and usually turns into a wiggle-butt mess. I have to say that as much as he wanted to go see the Judge, he only moved one paw out of position... (though he was leaning with all his might! LOL)

The off-leash heeling was great until the end.... but he still passed that section amazingly. He lagged horribly and didn't sit at the end. I found it amusing, since is what we work on the most at home on our field walks, but I guess the smells were just too overpowering. ;)

Kedge's Recall was spot on! He flew across the ring faster than his normal speed, though I did get a nose bop at the front. hahaha He finished nicely too, just a little crooked. :D

His 1min sit-stay and 3min down-stay were perfect. He didn't even flinch when the dog next to him popped up from her down. What a good boy!

So I am happy to report that Kedge passed his first obedience trial and even managed to get a 2nd place out of the 3 dogs with qualifying scores in Novice A. :D A 170 is the lowest qualifying score, and we just made it! I think that he got a 178 out of a possible 200(perfect), but I could be wrong. My brain was all fog with the shock of actually getting a Q in our first trial. LOL

Kedge being a good boy and holding his 2nd place ribbon. His Q ribbon had a clip so I just hooked that on on his collar for the picture. :)

Is it just me, or does he look a little cocky in this picture? lmao

A thoroughly exhausted puppy after a LONG and WET day

Another bonus this Sat, was that I was able to meet up with an online friend that I haven't seen in a couple of years. It was great hanging out and meeting her new crew members. We also got to hang out with Francie, Katherine and Lily on and off. Kedge was happy to see them and also his sister and uncle after we were done. All in all, it was a great show!

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