Monday, October 5, 2009

Silly Putty..... just saying

This morning, I was woken up to, "Moooooooom!?! You need to come downstairs......."

A certain unnamed puppy, found my giant container of Silly Putty.... and proceeded to shred it all over the Living Room floor. Or should I say, attempted to shred, since anyone who has played with Silly Putty knows that it does not shred, it clings and sticks and forms into odd shapes.....

Exhibits A....... (left front paw)

& B (right front paw)

So, I jump online and look up the best ways to get Silly Putty out of hair/fur..

Peanut Butter? Nope
WD-40.... Not even going to try that
Ice/cold water? HA!
Lotion? Nada
Hair Conditioner????

Exhibit A afterwards..

Exhibit B afterwards..

So after about an hour of trying different methods, I found out that Hair Conditioner gets out Silly Putty with ease***

Thank goodness!!!

One annoyed puppy, Silly Putty Free..

Only slightly soggy, but with lovely conditioned paws...

"This means crated at night again, doesn't it Momma?........"

***For anyone who might need this info at a later time. Use a liberal amount of conditioner, work it into the 'Putty areas' and let set for about 5 min. Repeat as often as necessary, then rinse. I threw shorts and a T-shirt on and just took care of it in the tub since I had no idea how messy it would be. I don't really recommend trying it elsewhere. LOL

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  1. Goodness, Moni! What a silly pup! I'm so glad he and Ellie can't get together! They'd get in WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much trouble with double the thinking! The pics and your captions are ADORABLE as usual!